Available in both planks and sheets, this is not your grandfather’s vinyl flooring. Thanks to modern innovations in both manufacturing and flooring installation techniques, vinyl flooring is more attractive and easy to install. However, it’s still known for its affordability and easy-to-care-for qualities.

Mimicking the look of hardwood or porcelain flooring, vinyl is the affordable option for many families. Highly durable, scratch-resistant, and virtually waterproof, the enhanced coating allows the vinyl flooring to be used in every room in your house, including kitchens, bathrooms and even laundry rooms. Saving you from back-breaking maintenance and wallet-straining costs, vinyl flooring is a preferred flooring for primary homes, rental properties, vacation homes and many commercial flooring installation facilities.

Utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to consult with each client as to whether vinyl flooring is the best option or if their specific needs would be better met with a different flooring option. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our flooring installation crews deliver unparalleled service and technical expertise, ensuring that your expectations are not only met, but beautifully exceeded.

Find out more about the benefits and advantages of vinyl flooring installation in your home by scheduling your bathroom remodeling project or flooring project estimate and home assessment today. We can’t wait to show you why so many South Florida homeowners call us their “friends in the flooring business.”