Bring Mother Nature Into Your Home

Nothing lends more class or elegance to a room than marble flooring. As the epitome of high-quality building materials and flooring installation, the natural stone makes a statement that other tile just can’t quite match. Timeless. Sophisticated. Tasteful. Marble flooring adds just the right amount of polished beauty to any room.

Used in entry ways, kitchen and bath floors, interior floors, and walls and backsplashes, marble tile flooring applications can be quite versatile. Recently improved cutting techniques and innovative tools have helped manufacturers increase the availability of styles, shapes, and sizes of marble tile flooring, allowing homeowners to customize the look to their exact desires. Making the perfect statement, marble flooring is the beautiful, yet durable, touch you’ve been searching for.

At Chris Burke, our flooring installation experts understand the specific challenges of marble tile flooring and strive to install the high-level stone with extreme care and attention to detail. Only after extensive training do we even permit our flooring installation technicians to attempt to install marble tile flooring, as it requires the touch of an expert flooring specialist. Treating each tile with precision and care, we take painstaking measures to ensure your marble tile floors are beautiful.

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing excellence in flooring installation services, we consistently strive for each customer’s complete and total satisfaction. Find out why so many homeowners in South Florida continue to choose the Chris Burke team for high-quality flooring installations by contacting us today.

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