Why Install Laminate Flooring?


When the time comes for you to remodel, upgrade or update your flooring, considering laminate flooring installation is always a smart move. Arguably one of the most functional and easy-to-care-for flooring materials, laminate flooring offers affordable flooring without the additional stress of caring for more temperamental flooring materials. Moreover, laminate flooring installation gives you and your home the added benefit of peace of mind; laminate flooring is one of the sturdiest and more reliable flooring materials available. Laminate flooring can take the beatings that we sometimes (inadvertently) place on our floors, such as scuffs, scrapes, and skids. However, laminate flooring isn’t impervious to wear and tear and should be given routine cleanings. If you’re the proud owner of laminate flooring or are looking into laminate flooring installation in your home, continue reading to learn more about how easy it can be to not only install but to also maintain your laminate flooring.


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Why Caring for Laminate Flooring is Simple

As we previously mentioned, laminate flooring is one of the most durable and sturdy flooring materials available — especially for those looking for affordable flooring options. Since laminate flooring installation offers some of the most versatile flooring options, caring for your floor is a breeze. Not only can laminate flooring put up with light scuffs, dents, and dings, but it can also withstand the traffic that sometimes accompanies a lively household. If you have kids, pets, or are an active household, laminate flooring gives you the peace of mind that doesn’t always come attached with other, sensitive flooring materials.  Sound like laminate flooring installation is right for you? It very well could be!


Laminate Floor Care 101

Keep the Water to a Minimum.

Not all flooring materials need to be doused in water (hot or cold) to receive a proper cleaning. Utilizing a soft, clean mop or floor scrubber is best for lifting the dirt and grime from your laminate flooring.


Cleaning Solutions

Some laminate flooring homeowners choose to forego commercial cleaners to make their own. Whichever option you prefer, make sure utilize a less-acid cleaner than you might use on tougher materials, such as concrete; harsh chemicals can stain or eat through laminate flooring, and, despite laminate flooring’s sturdiness, it’s no match for overly-acidic and harsh chemicals.


Skip the Strings

If using a mop (which we highly recommend), steer clear of string mops, as they leave streaks, grime, and a mess behind. Laminate flooring takes a bit of time to dry, so make sure you clean your floor with a mop that takes all it’s picked up with it.


Reliable, Sturdy, and Attractive

With durable and rugged features, laminate flooring’s ability to take a beating makes its value shine far above its price point. If you’re curious about how affordable, durable, and versatile laminate flooring can be, or have any questions, concerns, or comments about laminate flooring installation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.